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National AnthemNational Anthem
Dear land of Guyana, of rivers and plains, Made rich by the sunshine, and lush by the rains. Set gem-like and fair, between mountains and sea, Your children salute you, dear land of the free.

Green land of Guyana, our heroes of yore, Both bondsmen and free, laid their bones on your shore. This soil so they hallowed, and from them are we, All sons of one mother, Guyana the free.

Great land of Guyana, diverse though our strains, We are born of their sacrifice, heirs of their pains. And ours is the glory their eyes did not see, One land of six peoples, united and free.

Dear land of Guyana, to you will we give, Our homage, our service, each day that we live. God guard you, Great Mother, and make us to be More worthy our heritage, land of the free.

Guyana FlagNational Flag
The Golden Arrowhead as the National Flag is commonly known as consists of five colors - Green, Gold, Red, Black, and White

Green: represents the agricultural and forested nature of Guyana.
White: represents the many rivers and water potential.
Gold: represents Guyana's mineral wealth.
Black: represents the endurance sustaining the forward thrust of the Guyanese people.
Red: represents the zeal and dynamic nature of the nation-building that lies before the young and independent Guyana.


Guyana Coat of ArmsNational Coat of Arms
Guyana's coat of arms establishes the value the country places on its natural resources to spearhead its economic future. It is constructed with a white shield bordered on the sides by jaguars, an Indian headdress at the top, and the country's motto inscribed on a red and gold ribbon at the bottom.
The shield is divided by three blue, wavy lines. At the bottom is the hoatzin, the national bird. At the top is the Victoria Regia water lily, the national flower. One of the jaguars holds a pickax, representing the valuable bauxite mining. The other holds a sugarcane stalk representing the importance of sugarcane farming. Representative of gemstone mining is the diamond found in the Indian headdress. Last, but not least, is the national motto on the ribbon, "ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION, ONE DESTINY", a slogan meant to represent the unity of the various races and regions of the country.
The design was adapted by the Royal College of Arms in England from three Guyanese artists..


Guyana BirdNational Bird
The Canje Pheasant (Hoatzin) is Guyana's National Bird. The Adult Canje Pheasant is about twenty-two inches long from bill to tail. In coloration, reddish-brown streaked with green. The under parts are pale brown, while on the shoulder and sides the feathers are creamy-white.

Guyana BirdOn the head is a crest of very long feathers which gives the bird an almost majestic look. The bill is short and very thick, and the skin around the crimson eye is of a pale blue colour. This bird can be found along the banks of the Berbice river and its tributaries.


Guyana AnimalNational Animal
The Felis pantera whose common name is the Jaguar is the National Animal of Guyana. Its habitat ranges from the coastland of French Guiana all the way to Central America and the south of South America.
The Jaguar feeds on animals sometimes as large as its own body; birds are also a supplementary part of its diet. Jaguars have been known to hunt in trees. This animal only kills as a form of defense and to acquire its meals and have seldom had direct encounters with humans, instead they can be quite shy towards them.


Guyana FlowerNational Flower
The Victoria Regia, a water lily is native to the Tropical America. The plant is perennial. It grows in 4 to 6 feet of water. With the base of the stem situated in the mud. Guyana FlowerFrom each plant there are rarely more than 4 to 5 leaves. The largest flowers can measure between 10 to 12 inches in diameter. When first open the flowers are white, by the second day they are fully expanded and a deeper pink, by the third day they start to wither.